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District International



Rapidiously actualize maintainable metrics with vertical meta-services. Collaboratively
provide access to interdependent process improvements through multifunctional

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“The Best Way To Predict Your Future Is To Create It”

About District International

Here in District International, we provide our valuable clients an exceptional experience with our multi-national expert team to organize, manage and promote their businesses and products. Our ambitious firm with its long chain of partners, contacts and sponsors makes any campaign we do, a unique one, simply because we deal with it as our own. Our firm has been established on a solid foundation of professional experience, that's not measured with time, but with quality.

  1. Conceptualization

    Share your thoughts and ambition with us.
  2. Insight Development

    Market insight based on your business needs.
  3. Approach Structure

    Let our team produce a solid project plan.
  4. Strategy Implementation

    Sit back and watch us scone you a success.

Our Strategy

District International approaches the business community with a unique perspective and strategy. We assist our clients with their branding, marketing, activation solutions and recognition through a complete package of implementations that will enforce their status in the local and international market, within the major channels of media, advertising, and events.

Our inhouse services:

  1. Events Set up and Production
  2. Audio and Visual
  3. Online and Offline Campaigns
  4. Talent Management
  5. Print Items
  6. Gift Items
  7. Sponsorship Management
  8. Media Awareness


We believe that the best way to market our firm and build a strong reputation in a competitive market such as Dubai, is done by providing our clients with an unforgettable experience and ensure that their name will be remembered where excellence, success and professionalism are mentioned. Governmental, semi-governmental, corporate sectors are the showcase of our largely successful achievements. Our firm is selective in terms of the type of clients we serve, to maintain our international standards. Our mission is to deliver a message through the tasks we handle.


Our Services