Thank you for the taking time out of your day in completing the following survey as part of our Client Anatomy© tool! It is through this process that we will be able to delve into your needs, goals and requirements and develop a comprehensive and carefully tailored proposal.

Please note that by completing this survey, you will be providing us with your consent to retain and use the information provided here for the purpose of developing a carefully tailored proposal to suit your needs. District International will not divulge any information provided with any entity/individual outside of the firm for any reason unless instructed to do so by the client.

We look forward to a fruitful and collaborative relationship with your entity.

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District International

Contact Information

Foundation Analysis

How many employees do you have across all your offices? (e.g. 35)

How old is your company?

List the countries that you operate in. Name the top countries that you are aspiring to focus on further this year.

Name the top countries that you are aspiring to focus on further this year.

List your main competitors.

Strategy & Vision

Describe your long-term vision for your company in (1) sentence. This can be something you forecast for the future or want to see in the long-run.

If possible, please share with us the obstacles you have faced that have slowed down the pace in achieving this.

What marketing & branding tactics/strategies did you pursue previously and did not work for you? Explain why you think this didn't work.

Is there anything that your competitors could do that would threaten your business?

Does your business go through slow periods (weekly, monthly, yearly)?

How has your business performed in the past (12) months?


In order for us to better understand your Event Management needs, please elaborate on your ideal target consumer/individual. If this person is standing in front of you – how would you describe them?

What target market do you want to penetrate that you aren’t getting to yet?

What target audience/individuals do you not want to attract?

Public Relations

What are your communication goals? (e.g. How would you like to position yourselves to your competitors and to your consumers?)

Describe here what deliverables you expect and outcome you desire from your potential PR partner? (e.g. Will there be a huge requirement in terms of content writing (PRLs) or are you intending to increase awareness around your entity?

What challenges have you had in the past relating to implementing PR tactics and strategies (e.g. communication plans, reputation management, etc.)

In terms of media exposure, do you expect an increased rate of coverage on print or online? (Describe here your goals in terms of media relations and engagement)

Do you wish to cooperate with influencers in specific markets in the GCC or focus on the region as a whole?

What is the criteria you are looking out for when wanting to collaborate with these influencers?


Please share (5) descriptive words that define the most prominent core values that your company embraces.

What differentiates your business from competitors? (e.g. USP)

How do you want the public to perceive your image?

What words should the general public/prospective clients associate your business with? Name at least (3).

Budgeting & Proposal Stage

What is your budget for us to work together on your aspirations and when would like to start? (You can skip this question until a formal meeting is conducted at the proposal stage following this anatomy - in this please insert "N/A" or "cannot answer")

How long would you like to partner with us for, as your marketing/branding and PR experts? (e.g. it can be for a project-based agreement or retainer contract)

Describe the criteria that you go through that would help you decide the suitable firm to partner with for your goals.


Please share with us any additional comments and remarks that you feel we should know about your entity.