Design and Production

District International has been involved in the interior design industry with a long history executing fit out services for several high-end residential, hospitality, and commercial projects.

Based on that solid foundation of expertise, our crew of engineers, architects, and on-ground supervisors specialize in providing design and production services for all types of exhibition stands, stages and kiosks, that are personalized to suit the client’s requirements.

The firm prides itself on being able to turnaround prominent projects in various sizes, in competitive timings and efficient budgets.

Production services includes:

1. Sketching and 3D design fabrication
2. Holograms and 3D projection
3. Custom-designed furniture
4. Ready-made rental furniture
5. Audio and Visual equipment rentals
6. Media Printing
7. Flowering
8. Theme Implementation
9. Setup and dismantling
10. Stand storage and maintenance
11. Electrical works

Our clients are provided with a turnkey, short or long term use stands, that nominate them for being unique and exceptional in the events they participate in, revealing their entity’s identity in new perspectives.