Marketing and Branding

Our multinational team of experts at District International approaches the strategy of branding and marketing with different perspectives based on the client anatomy study we generate by interviewing the client first.

District International believes that every firm or entity has a unique identity that should be expressed throughout the process of branding and marketing. We provide our clients with the latest technologies available in the market, to ensure being up-to-date, as its one of the most essential core bricks of success.

Our solid ties with the international and local agencies in the fields of Media, Advertising, and Public Relations, in addition to TV channels, Radio, Magazines, Newspapers, and Publishers, makes us the excellent choice to brand and market businesses, products, or services.

Our qualified operations department consists of event planners, coordinators, web developers, designers, engineers, marketing specialists, mobile apps creators, and business consultants.

Service Includes:

1. Firm Identity
2. PR Advisory and Support
3. Strategy Timeline and Follow up
4. Web Development
5. ATL and BTL Campaigns
6. Promo Videos Creations
7. Testimonials Collecting and Recording
8. Events Planning, Set up, and Management
9. Events Production
10. Feedback Follow up
11.Plan Customization and Adaptation

District International ensures that a solid relationship is built with clients, based on a foundation of partnership between with the senior advisory crew at the firm and the client. It is through this relationship; the client can exploit the knowledge base of our advisors who are also able to monitor the projects we handle to execute the clients throughout their career.