Sponsorship Management

The core brick of any conference, exhibition, ceremony or cooperate event is the participation of sponsors. Most of sponsorship packages are given to entities who decide to commit a budget for their participation, however, we at District International, are selective in the process of giving out the sponsorship packages that we handle, simply because we weigh the participation of the sponsors in accordance to the importance of the event, and the image reflected to the public and media, rather than considering the financial side of it only.

Our solid reputation with our clients, and frequent sponsors gives us a direct access with a wide range of governmental, semi-governmental, private entities and international corporations who are always keen to participate in prestigious events to reflect their status in the international or local market.

Trust and Ambition are our measures of building our key sponsorship accounts who have followed our lead in several occasions to be a part of high end conferences, exhibitions, and ceremonies, in the United Arab Emirates and the Middle East.

Our sponsorship specialists handle the following:

1. Creation of the proposals
2. Reviewing sponsorship contracts
3. Identifying potential and well budgeted sponsors
4. Initiating the communication with sponsors
5. Handling of sponsorship packages presentations
6. Proposals follow up through meetings and call backs.
7. Sponsorship negotiations
8. Finalizing and signing of sponsorship contracts