Travel and Tourism

As part of District International obligation to be a key organizer of different services, assisting clients at the top level, we have initiated our travel and tourism programs to clients who are keen to explore the middle east, and the United Arab Emirates.

With our firm, you can be rest assured that every aspect and detail of your visit to the countries we handle, is covered starting from logistical elements to VIP group tours towards different locations to the destination itself.

The following services illustrates the firm’s available portfolio of Travel & Tourism related services in the Middle East:

1. Team Building Itineraries

Whether it may be to reinforce a client’s core message and vision towards its employees, or to invest in its team of experts – District International is able to organize and arrange for a full week’s or days’ worth of activities that include training courses, personal development exercises, and corporate events that can be attended to help advance a client’s workforce. 

2. Leisure & Sightseeing Itineraries

Should a client require insight and leisure experiences for the whole duration of their stay in the destination – District International will be able to fabricate and share the most ideal and eventful itinerary that would allow for the client to experience the destination fully of what it can offer. 

3. Flights & Accommodation Consultancy

District International is also able to advise and book on behalf of the client, the best deals and rates available through close ties with leading hospitality and airline entities. 

4. Visa Application Services

The firm can support any client with their visa processing needs through collaboration with specialized entities. 

District International has a wide range of hotels and resorts in the Middle East that have hosted our clients from all over the world, with an expectational quality of customer service standards and an extraordinary treatment wherever they land.

We take care of clients from the first minute of their arrival until their departure, including the tiniest details of their trip.

Kindly contact us at any time to start your business adventure.